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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free Republic Wants The Navy Yard Shooter To Be A Muslim

Free Republic is the area of the internet people go when they feel A Christmas Carol is a horror story about a fall from grace since they thought Ebeneezer Scrooge was perfect to start off with. It is a corner of the internet where people talk about Obama being a communist and a secret Muslim without irony.

And it just so happened I was there the day the Navy Yard massacre happened.

And here is their journey into the heart of the darkest part of the conservative mind.

My comments in bold, theirs in italics.

"There must be a mistake. Democrats went through great pains to make sure guns were not allowed there!"

This refers to the fact that the Navy Yard was a gun free zone. What is overlooked is that it is a gun free zone in the middle of a large, unstable culture with guns everywhere. Funny those facts.

How can this even happen? How many attacks on our bases is it going to take before we wake up?
Yeah, like that attack just the other day in.....?
I am pissed! How does this happen after Fort Hood? We all know how! PC Obama rot!!
That's right. Obama ordered the Navy to hire psychos. That's just how Obama rolls. 

Must be one of those crazy Unitarians, or maybe Atheists.
Um? I have no clue what they are onto here.

Of course Team Obama and his media division will use this as another gun grab opportunity.
Step 1: Cover up shooter's Islam ties
Step 2: Inform the dumb public that this is just another gun-toting, knuckle-dragging Conservative type.
I assume the possibility the shooter isn't a Muslim is just not considered. Nor that maybe mass shootings are not giant operations to pin blame.

The talking points being typed up for tonight's prime-time newscasts will read something like: "Another example of the results of freely available assault rifles, without background checks, at Texas gun shows..."
No, no. I am guessing it will be about the dead and the shooter. But then again I'm weird in that I like to use past events to predict the future. 

An AR15 “assault weapon” was used? And I’m sure the suspect is probably a Tea Party member, driving an SUV with pro-life literature in the back, drinking a Big Gulp, while spraying aerosol cans into the air.
I smell new comic book super villain: Conservopollutbagger!

black male with a dark complexion ‘Better let shooter go free: ‘Sounds like another one of Barack Hussein’s sons.
Obama is now the dad of all black men? When did this happen? And black men get away with murder? Then why are so many in prison?

If the shooter yelled, “Allahu Akhbar,” then it’s a case of workplace violence.
Yes, because we know how many times random unhinged Buddhists do that.

I wonder how anxious the Administration will be to tie this to Assad and give them a Casus Belli.
Since they didn't, I'm guessing....not very?

Late arrivals for the Million Muslim March, perhaps?
Of course. We all know only Muslim's ever go off their rocker. 

3 shooters (at least) tall dark skinned with shaven headsReligion of Peace is my bet
I'm betting you lose money on bets a lot. 

Thanks. So how many terror attacks uhhh...’workplace violence’ on US military bases under Obama’s watch does this make now?
Is the answer two? Does that mean something?

CONFIRMED, TWO SHOOTERS!!!The press and White House will be quick to assure us this is not terrorism.
Yes, we all know how Obama just loves to cover up terrorism. Like remember how he refused to even let the FBI investigate the Boston Marathon bombing?

Of course! After watching all of Stephen Couglin’s videos on Islamist terrorism just a few weekends ago, I am certain this will be Islamist jihadi’s in our own military doing this! They can’t even say Islamist or jihadi in our training manuals anymore for cryin out loud. This is what happens when a bunch of PC leftists run our levers of power. Pathetic!
A military is ineffective if vague and non useful terms are discouraged in training manuals?

One shooter was described as a “black male” — bet it’s blamed on “homegrown terrorism” (or...wait for it... Sarah Palin, or the tea party or George Bush) — the media will pull out every excuse possible.
Yeah, remember how the media pinned all those other terrorist incidents on Palin?

Since he’s a black male the media will pamper him and play down the story. I would suspect he’s some low wage civil service employee pissed off that he didn’t get promoted.
If not look for a “mentally handicapped” “war” veteran that came back from “war” and suffered with PTSD. Makes no difference that he could have been an office worker who last shot an M-16 in basic training. In the media’s mind, the military turned him into a trained killer and anyone this black vet kills because of his “mental problems” is justified. If we were white the media would immediately be calling for his hanging.
I'm beginning to wonder if the people at Free Republic get their news feeds from an alternate universe populated entirely with strawmen.

CNN reporter just said they have been instructed not to say anything about shooter’s description anymore. Whoa! That means 'Muslim' or black - right?
Or it could mean that they want CNN to stop spreading fragmented misinformation. But I guess thinking that makes me a PC Leftist.

Gosh, that religion of peace is sure peaceful and religious, huh?
Man they really want this Alexis guy to be a Muslim.

Isn't it about time this story became about something more important - like renewed demands for more gun control against those dangerous assault weapons which are so readily available to the unbalanced wacko or terrorists? I eagerly await Schmuck Schumer and Diane Feinswine (and many other Washington dignitaries) lining up at the nearest microphones, which I confidently predict will be before 4 PM and before the bodies of the victims are cold...
I confidently predict this person is a terrible predictor.

It means ME or African Muslim IMHO. PC protection for Islamists trumps all these days. It is getting our soldiers killed.
Exactly! The American people are getting sick of it too. I will guarantee this is Islamist or Islamist inspired terror attack.
And this is why we don't allow vigilante violence. So that clearly dangerous and unhinged people just go off and an attack innocents because of what the bigoted voices in their head say.

Benghazi witnesses?
Yeah, an elaborate terrorist attack was staged to eliminate witnesses to a huge non story. This is where I roll my eyes.

Is it “jihad” or “justice for Travon” or both?
Oh definitely both. As those are clearly the only two possible motivations the shooter could have.

I wonder who creates the narrative in the first hours .... amazing how the media act like a school of fish or pack of lemmings
The narrative? Was it scripted in a volcano lair?

“Two more potential shooters”. White male, military uniform, last seen 8:45. Black male, 50 years of age, olive drab possible military style uniform”.

Funny, now that there’s at least one white guy potentially involved, it’s OK to mention this detail in the description of the perps
Um.....what? Did this person miss all the prior mentions of the shooter being black? Including the one in the very passage they quoted?

Well here we go. The “crazy vet syndrome”. For all veterans out there, pray these lunatic(s) never served in the military.
My step dad served in Vietnam....I'm thinking he's safe from whatever this person imagines will happen.

False flag operation for the purpose of identifying ex-military as not being worthy to have firearms!
Well of course banning firearms from ex military is the obvious immediate reaction...in bizarro world.

Hahahahaha....Fox New cut right into Obama's lies-and-more-lies-it's all Bush's fault-campaign speech just as he was warming up. Whoosh....he was gone with the wind, cut off at the knees....hooray!
Did they watch the same press Obama press conference as the rest of us? Or was this another feed from the alternate universe?

Agreed: the timing of this right after the gun grabbing dems lost big in CO is just too much to take as coincidence - especially when they were complaining their gun-ban efforts were being “chilled” by what the voters in CO did.
Well clearly the obvious reaction to a bunch of idiot voters in Colorado is to stage an attack on the Navy in DC. I mean who wouldn't see that coming?

Exactly!! Why didn’t the NSA see this coming? I will tell you why..they are only looking at Conservatives and ‘enemies’ of big government statism. Defund them! They have caught none of these threats!
Yes, I'm sure that was exactly what happened. Why conservatives can't even leave their homes these days without black helicopters following them. 

 How could he have both a criminal record and a concealed carry permit?

Im betting hes a muslim convert. but we may not know that for several hours
Or, like, ever. Sort of like how still don't know that St Augustine was a Hindu.

He’d be on the jihadi side, not the Syrian government side, so how could that motivate him? Unless Obama’s crawl down on supporting the Muslims is what annoyed him.
It said he was targeting specific people, but I don’t see how he could have known anybody there. Unless he was simply targeting whites or non-blacks, on the supposition that they wouldn’t be Muslims.
Hey, before we confirm this dude is a Muslim how about doing some speculating on what form of Muslim radical he is!?!

Soon to be followed up with liberal socialist headlines that read: “a conservative Tea Party favorite with ties to the Klu Klux Klan, and the Minutemen in Texas.” The need for gun control is obvious but the conservatives in Congress continue to block reasonable legislation to keep our children safe.
This alternate world of strawmen must be pretty interesting.

Black Amish
??????? What in the hell is this about?

Who knows I read another article where they interviewed his roommate in Texas. The roommate’s name is very Islamic. So perhaps yes he may be a new convert or one can say Obama Son.
Anyone want to bet that "Radical Islamic Obama Son" is a song track title for a white power rock band?

Both shooters are black. This episode is over. We will hear very little more about the “isolated incident.”
Sort of like how we never heard about the DC snipers ever again......oh wait!

Nope..the Legacy Media wont touch any news tying this punk with islam with a ten foot pole.
I have to wonder if it would be possible for a cadre of independantly wealthy “journalism students” to become MOLES in those organizations.....
People who didnt need the jobs...might be able to get jobs in the “mainstream” media...and then sabotage the normal propaganda....with some covert CAPTIONING....prior to be drummed out of the business....
Such are the dreams of an “old” man watching his beloved nation flushed down the toilet
This man wants to save the nation by paying young people to insert blatantly false information into TV broadcasts. Yeah, that is the path of a true patriot. Speaking of which I miss the days when someone could describe themselves as a "patriot" and not be a total lunatic planning to blow up government buildings.

I just have been reading local media and they are reporting on the scene and stated that the dead perp had a handgun and a shotgun beside his dead body. Nothing yet on the older black perp. I am guessing a tie in here to Somolia. We have let in tens of thousands of these “refugees”.
Somalia? Why not Chad? Chad always gets forgotten about. It can be a part of racist fantasies too.

A guest on FOX just mentioned could be workplace violence. Yup. One step away from misguided yoot.
And we all know that a lone misguided yoot would never shoot up a place.

I just caught some report on FN and the only thing they kept emphasizing over and over again was that the guy MAY have been from Texas. Nothing about his color, religion, mental state or anything else ONLY that he might have, at some point in his life, lived in Texas, as though that is the worst accusation you could make about the man.
"Well, Brian, we don't know much about the man apart from he lived in Texas but if I might engage in some wild speculation then we could imagine that he was an albino Eskimo affiliated with the eastern branch of the Church Of The Subgenius with a severe codependency problem coupled with bouts of extreme mania. He may also have been a five time unicycle card shuffling champion who also once climbed Mt Kilimanjaro wearing only a clown costume. We can imagine all that but, to reiterate, all we really know is he once lived in Texas."

I wonder if the shooter “Did this for Trayvon” nothing would surprise me at this point..I wouldnt be surprised if all of the victims were white..but he knew exactly where to go and was supposedly targeting specific people
Fact known only to racists: all black shooters are seeking revenge for Trayvon.

It is going to end up being muslims and it will all be on obama’s damned soul.
I must have missed the "Import Muslim Terrorists" program that Obama launched.

Will Treyvon inspired random killings of white people ever be considered terrorism ?
*double snort* When they become more than just wet dream fantasies for unhinged racists.

And...perps are killed/silenced rather than captured alive. This is preferable to the regime in addition to serving as rough justice.
The regime wishes Nidal Hasan had been killed at Fort Hood along with his victims. That long messy process of a court martial combined with victim families’ outrage over the “workplace violence” judgement call has angered a huge number of patriots against Muslims, terrorism, and Islam in general. Far more so than if Hasan had been popped on the spot. Knowing that he lives on even though paralyzed & confined in deep stir only adds to that anger. Very inconvenient for the suits in the WH.
The last thing this Aaron Alexis heard on this Earth was, “Good job, Aaron!”
And the continued fall of conservative politics into the land of woo nuttery continues. They are on the crazy train and have just thrown in one of the super logs from Back To The Future III.

AH thank you very much indeed
I could spend hours vandalzing THAT name..... but I shant given the urgent need to tie up the loose ends of this dead PUNKS “religious” afflic...affiliaton
the name sounds rather INDONESIAN to me! or perhaps Pakisitani
Nutpisit Suthamtewakul
we know hes not likely AMISH!...
Remember. Unhinged people like this are the ones armed to the teeth in America. *shivers*

where are family members who swear that.....
1) “he is such a good boy.”
2) “Honor Student” at MLK High School, because he went to school twice a week
3) he went to church and sang in the choir once, and starting a promising rap career. But he got with the wrong crowd.
4) But this incident came from no where.
5) he was trying to turn his life around when it happened.
6) you’re racist if you dare question anything about this kid’s past or his behavior.
7) he was a good baby daddy to his 5 chillin.
8) all those previous 18 arrests was all by racist cops!
9) he didnt doo nufin.
Is this a parody of a growing up in the hood film?

Maybe I’m just a troglodyte, but I observe that nearly all the Police Chiefs, spokespersons, experts and folk being quoted on this situation are either women, members of a victim class, or Congress (non-voting) critter Eleanor Holmes Norton. If I want information on security, why would I look to these people?
I'd explain it but troglodytes tend to not get it.

How in the hell did he get onto a secure military base armed to the teeth?
Simple. He probably did a "favor" for a fag working the gate.
Yeah, we all know how gay security officers totally let just anyone into a highly secure area in return for a quickie.

according to the oversized liberal witch in the video...
he had recently been to thailand...yes..
given that it might have been veiwed with suspicion if he had gone directly to indonesia....I offer that he may have gone to indonesia...by way of nearby Thailand
a perfect cover
Of course! Everyone knows a trip to Thailand can only mean a secret trip to Indonesia! Only a weirdo would just fly straight to Indonesia.

Will it be a hate crime if he killed 13 white people? I think not, but if he were white....
Well I just lose track of how many times we let black men that kill a dozen or more white people go without charges.

Notice the use of only the first name “Alexis” in the article? Cozy...kid down the street narrative.
Soon we’ll hear grandma called him “Alexis Boo-Boo” or such. All to garner sympathy for a murderer => MSM is in full spin mode.
It seems in the alternate universe the media just love to get you to sympathize with mass murderers.

Here is the PRESSER.....all the affirmative action brainiacs up now!How ludicrous this thing is...the presser.
the Police chief can’t talk with correct grammer, FBI rep is a dyke. the mayor has Dr spock eyebrows...bizzaro.
What is bizarre is that this person is among us. And somehow knows how to use a computer.

More black mayhem presided over by dykes (and I don’t mean pliers), queers and more blacks.
Revolting. It all turns my guts.
The United States is no more.
If the United States was a place without black people in power and lesbians in the closet and was destroyed then I'm glad it is no more.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Under The Dome trapped a town full of idiots

The first season of Under The Dome concluded tonight. The new show about a town that finds itself suddenly surrounded by an indestructible spherical force field that traps everyone either inside it or out. Now I don't hate the show but a lot of what happens in it seems to indicate that maybe.....well maybe Chester's Mill is just a town full of idiots.

What follows is mildly spoilerific. So be warned. I've chopped it up into three major sections: The Kids, The Adults and The Military.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hanging with Strawmen

Perhaps I'm a glutton for punishment but I recently discovered  how awesome it is to hang with strawmen. Imagine, if you will, hanging out with a real environmentalist.

This is the part where you imagine.

And you end up with a pretty mundane person with a belief in responsible stewardship of the Earth.  Pretty boring.

Now imagine hanging out with Strawman Environmentalist. Now you've got a dreadlocked, patchouli scented lunatic who will scream about the need to kill loggers or how electricity is evil. The real environmentalist would just engage in lengthy reasoned discussions on the pros and cons of various carbon offsets in power production. Strawman Environmentalist will talk about bombing the power plant. Real environmentalist will want to discuss ways to improve housing development to make it more sustainable. Strawman Environmentalist wants to depopulate Earth of humans because people suck.

Get what I'm saying?

And this is the way it goes. For example a real feminist is pretty much anyone that believes and strives for gender equality. Heck that could be your brother. Strawwomyn Feminist, on the other hand, is always female and has the entire SCUM Manifesto memorized.

Strawman Black Activist is also an interesting character. As he bloviates on the need to oppress all white people and the constant accusations of slavery.

Also entertaining is Strawman Animal Rights Activist. Because this is a guy who is a Level F Vegan (that means anything that is part of the carbon cycle can't be eaten) who throws blood on you for having a pet cat. Way more interesting than just some person who thinks animals should not be treated cruelly.

Then there is Strawman Atheist who insults anyone who harbors a spiritual inclination is a mentally defective gutter rat.

Lastly we have Strawman Political Conservative who thinks Obama is a Muslim and wants to pollute the planet just because.



Okay, who let the real political conservative in the building?