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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The EDNA and the wacky religious right

Recently the US Senate passed the Employment Non Discrimination Act; a landmark bill that would create new federal laws to protect the LGBT community from workplace discrimination. And, of course, this means the religious right hates it. Also this means they are bringing up positively ridiculous reasons to oppose it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

18 Quotes From People That Think Obama Is A Marxist

Liberty Council: "Yet given that Barack Obama is a shadowy figure with a penchant for hiding his past (college records, etc.); that he has had avowed communists in his administration (Van Jones, Anita Dunn); that he seemed to belong to Chicago's socialist New Party in the 1990s; and that, according to former Occidental College acquaintance and ex-Marxist John Drew, Obama was a flat-out "Marxist Leninist" who believed in old-style communist revolution, well, one's imagination can conjure up some interesting scenarios."

Larry Pratt
(Director of Gun Owners of America): "But it’s apparently not the misunderstanding that a communist has. And that’s really the way the president thinks. He was educated that way. He is a full-bore Marxist."

Bryan Fischer: "President Obama hates this country as founded. That's why he's trying to transform it and make it into some kind of socialist, Marxist utopia."

Jerry Boykin: "I will tell you that America is becoming a Marxist nation - I don't care what you say, I'm tired of being called a bigot because I don't like the Marxist policies of Barack Obama."