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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Sharknado List Of Awesome Stupid

Sharknado happened. It really did. A seminal event in our current pop culture exploded onto our TV screens then went away leaving us confused and laughing. Definitely laughing. If this film was deliberately made as stupid as it turned out then it marks a new brand of self aware entertainment. So let us examine this milestone in crappy TV movies with the first ever film review on this blog.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama admits to being black: Right wing goes nuts

On Friday President Barack Obama wandered into a White House briefing room where reporters were expecting to see the press secretary talk about the mundane ongoing happenings of the executive branch. What they got instead was a candid account from the president on how it was to grow up black in America. Shockingly it wasn't all winsome dance numbers up and down marble staircases with Shirley Temple.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Ten Next SYFY Original Films

The premier of the Syfy original film Sharknado looms.

I should probably pause to let that sink in. It isn't everyday that one is confronted head on with the possibility of seeing sharks and a tornado in a fever dream let alone in an actual movie. Or did you think I am making this up?

If so here is the trailer.

Also here.

Got that. Sharks, from ocean, into tornado....somehow. Also it has Tara Reid because....apparently this is what her career has come to. It was this or fight homeless men in a pit for a sandwich. Or booze....she just lives off booze these days right?

In a way you have to admire it. SyFy knows they produce crap and are just going with it. I imagine their pitch meetings include a lot of talks like this: "so there's this scary thing combined with this scary thing and it happens because F**k you that's why!"

Then they break for their usual lunch of mescaline and LSD to ward off anything that approaches sanity.

In that spirit here are some suggestions from me:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fox & Friends, Mr Rogers and a Poe's Law Moment

It is a typical day on Fox & Friends. Brian and Steve are the craven, spineless tools of corporate interests while Gretchen spews forth some of the most awful ideas to ever leave the mouth of a human like bi-pedal primate.

And then they get on the subject of Mr Rogers.

And now things are about to get real.